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Music Department at Tainan National University of the Arts was founded in 1997 with its unique seven-year undergraduate program designed to cultivate first-class musicians with performance skills, interpretative power, and humanitarianism.
Each year the department recruits 30 students from 15 to 18 years old for its undergraduate program, and 15 students over 22 years old for its graduate program. Located in the middle of countryside, the department has developed into a Shangri-La for musicians, away from the noise of big cities. Students and teachers live close to each other; music making is the core of their daily lives.
Students participate in various kinds of musical activities. They receive intensive lessons for their major(1.5hr/ week); take part in chamber music, symphony orchestra, string or wind ensembles, choir, baroque ensemble, and recording sessions, and frequently work with visiting professors in master class and workshops; not only in preparation for their professional lives, but also to learn how to communicate and cooperate with their fellows.
We wish our students to be skillful and happy musicians. Skillful, so they can earn their own livings in the future; happy, so they have something to offer to their audience.